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Sunil Grover Biography: Sunil Grover is a Bollywood trending actor and comedian. He was born on August 3, 1977 in Sirsa, Haryana, India. Sunil has had a long and successful career in the Indian entertainment industry. Entertaining audiences with his great comedy skills and acting talents, Sunil became extremely famous for playing the character “Gutthi” on the TV show Comedy Nights with Kapil. Gutthi was a funny and mischievous character that audiences loved. Sunil’s perfect timing and ability to play many different characters showed how talented he is.

While he is best known for comedy roles, Sunil has also proven himself as a great actor in Bollywood movies like Gabbar is Back, Baaghi, and Bharat. Critics praised his acting abilities in these films, showing his versatility beyond just comedy.

What makes Sunil so special is how he can blend humor with emotional depth. His characters are not just silly caricatures but feel like real people that the audience connects with. This deep connection is why Sunil is one of the most beloved comedians in India.

After over 20 years in the carriers, Sunil Grover’s name is recognized everywhere. His energetic performances, perfect comedic timing, and ability to spread laughter have made him a true icon of Indian entertainment.

Early Life and Education


Sunil Grover was born in the city of Sirsa, Haryana. He came from a humble family background. His father worked as an employee in the Punjabi tourism department.

From a young age, Sunil showed an interest in acting and mimicry. He would often entertain his family and friends by imitating characters he saw on television. His parents recognized his talent and supported his artistic pursuits.

For his education, Sunil attended the “Arya Vidya Mandir, Mandi Dabwali, Sirsa”. He studied hard and performed well academically. After completing high school, he completed his “Bachelor of Commerce” from “Guru Nanak College, Haryana” and “Masters in Theatre” from “Panjab University, Chandigarh”.

During his college years, Sunil actively participated in stage plays and dramatics. This helped him to improve his acting skills from a young age.


Quick Information


Real Name:                 Sunil Grover

Date of Birth:              03 August 1977

Age:                            47 Years (in 2024)

Birth Place:                 Sirsa, Haryana, India

Height:                        5 feet 9 inches / 175 cm.

Weight:                        64 Kg. / 141 Lbs.

Nationality:                 Indian

Religion:                     Hinduism

Zodiac Sign:               Leo

Marital Status:            Married

Wife/Spouse:              Aarti Grover (Married in 2015)



  • Father – J.N. Grover (Late)
  • Mother- Not Known (Late)



  • Mohan Grover (Son)

Home Town:               Sirsa, Haryana, India

School:                        Arya Vidya Mandir, Mandi Dabwali, Sirsa


  • Guru Nanak College, Haryana
  • Panjab University, Chandigarh

Academic Qualification:

  • Completed Bachelor of Commerce
  • Masters in Theatre

Profession:                  Actor, Comedian

Debut:                         Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998)

Political Party:            N/A

Hobbies:                      Traveling, Swimming and Riding

Net Worth:                  $ 3 Million

Contact Number:        N/A

Social Contacts:

Awards And Nominations:

  • Nominee for Indian Telly Award (2015)
  • Winner of the Indian Television Academy Award (2018)
  • Winner of the Filmfare OTT Award (2021)

Movie List:

  • Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (1998)
  • The Legend of Bhagat Singh (2002)
  • Main Hoon Na (2004)
  • Insan Mahesh (2005)
  • Ghajini (2008)
  • D (2009)
  • Zila Ghaziabad (2013)
  • Heropanti (2014)
  • Gabbar is Back (2015)
  • Vaisakhi List (2016)
  • Baaghi (2016)
  • Coffee with D (2017)
  • Pataakha (2018)
  • Bharat (2019)
  • Goodbye (2022)


Journey Towards the Acting and Comedian

sunil-grover-dr-mahashur gulati

After completing his education in “Masters in Theatre”, Sunil Grover made the bold decision to pursue a career in acting and comedy. However, his path to success was filled with challenges and struggles that tested his perseverance.

Sunil started by taking up small roles in plays and television shows in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He worked hard to get noticed, often taking on minor roles just to gain experience and exposure. During this time, he also began performing stand-up comedy acts at local events and shows.

His big break came in 2003 when he was selected to be a part of the popular comedy show “Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani” on STAR Plus. Here, Sunil played multiple characters, showcasing his incredible talent for mimicry and impersonations. His performances were widely praised, and he started gaining recognition.

However, true nationwide fame eluded Sunil until 2013 when he landed the role of “Gutthi” on the reality comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil.” His portrayal of the lovable but mischievous character Gutthi was an instant hit. Audiences were captivated by Sunil’s perfect comic timing, expressions, and ability to stay in character. Gutthi became a cultural phenomenon.

The success of Gutthi opened many doors for Sunil in the entertainment industry. He started getting offers for live shows, events, and movies. He showcased his versatility by playing both comedic and serious roles in films like “Gabbar is Back,” “Baaghi,” and “Bharat.”

Sunil’s dedication, hard work, and willingness to take risks have been instrumental throughout his entertainment journey. He has never shied away from experimenting with new characters and pushing boundaries. His ability to connect with audiences across age groups and backgrounds is a testament to his innate talent.

From a struggling artist to becoming famous in India, Sunil Grover’s story is an inspiration. His unwavering passion, perseverance, and comedic genius have carved a unique place for him in the hearts of millions.


Rise to Fame and Stardom


While Sunil Grover had been working hard for many years, his massive rise to fame and stardom came with his iconic role as Gutthi on “Comedy Nights with Kapil” in 2013 and Dr. Mahasur Gulati on “The Kapil Sharma Show” in 2016. This character became a national phenomenon and made Sunil a household name across India.

As Gutthi and Dr. Mahasur Gulati, Sunil brought to life a funny, endearing but also mischievous character. His perfect comic timing, animated expressions, and commitment to staying in character made him an instant hit. Audiences fell in love with the character and frantically tuned in each week to see his antics.

The wild success and popularity opened many new doors for Sunil’s career. He started getting invited to make appearances on other TV shows, live events, awards ceremonies, and more. His fame skyrocketed overnight and became a cultural phenomenon.

Sunil also used this stardom to expand his career into films. He started getting offers for roles in Bollywood movies like Gabbar is Back, Baaghi, and Bharat where he could showcase his versatility beyond just comedy roles. His performances were praised by critics.

As his celebrity grew, Sunil’s popularity extended beyond just adults to kids who loved his different funny characters. He became a familiar face endorsing major brands in television commercials and marketing campaigns across India.


Personal Life and Relationships


Despite achieving massive stardom, Sunil Grover has managed to keep his personal life relatively private and away from the media spotlight. He is known to be a family-oriented person who values his relationships deeply.

Sunil has been married to Aarti Grover since 2015. They met while both were studying at Panjab University and dated for several years before tying the knot. By all accounts, Sunil and Aarti share a strong, loving, and supportive relationship. Together they have a son named Mohan. Sunil makes an effort to spend quality time with his family despite his busy career commitments. He has credited Aarti as being the pillar who helped him persist through the lean phases of his career.

Away from work, Sunil loves traveling with his family and exploring new places and cultures together. He also has a keen interest in fitness and follows a disciplined exercise routine to stay in shape. Sunil comes across as an extremely grounded, humble, and spiritual person in his interviews. He attributes his success to the blessings of his parents and says he strives to live by the values they instilled in him.

While he enjoys the fame and adulation he receives from fans, Sunil makes it a point to not let stardom consume his life. His ability to maintain a work-life balance and devote time to his loved ones is widely admired. For Sunil, his wife, children, and family will always remain his biggest source of strength, happiness, and motivation in life.


Controversies and Allegations


Despite his fame and stardom, Sunil Grover has faced a few controversies and allegations throughout his career in the entertainment industry.

One of the most high-profile incidents was a reported mid-air altercation with his co-star Kapil Sharma aboard a flight in 2017. There were allegations that Kapil physically assaulted Sunil during this incident. This led to Sunil’s departure from Kapil’s popular comedy show.

The two comedians were involved in a very public spat and traded accusations against each other through media statements. However, they eventually resolved their differences of opinion. After that, they have now come up with a new comedy program through the OTT Platform.

However, as is common for most public figures, Sunil does occasionally face speculation and rumors in media and entertainment circles. But he does not respond to such rumors.

Overall, the controversies faced by Sunil have been relatively few and far between over his long career span so far. His ability to ignore has been able to maintain his reputation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. What is Sunil Grover’s most famous character?
  • Sunil Grover is most famous for his iconic portrayal of the character ‘Gutthi’ on the comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil and ‘Dr. Mahasur Gulati’ on The Kapil Sharma Show. His hilarious acting and perfect comic timing made the character an instant hit.


  1. How did Sunil Grover get his big break?
  • Sunil Grover’s big breakthrough came in 2003 when he was cast in the popular comedy show ‘Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani’ on STAR Plus. He played multiple characters showcasing his talent for mimicry and impersonations, which brought him widespread recognition.


  1. What movies has Sunil Grover acted in?
  • Some of the major Bollywood movies Sunil Grover has acted in include Gabbar is Back, Baaghi, Bharat, Pataakha, and Mubarakan. He has played both comedic and serious roles, demonstrating his versatility as an actor.


  1. Has Sunil Grover won any major awards?
  • Yes, Sunil Grover has won several prestigious awards for his work, including the Nominee for “The Indian Telly Award” in 2015, winner of the “Indian Television Academy Award” in 2018, and winner of the “Filmfare OTT Award” in 2021.


  1. What controversies has Sunil Grover been involved in?
  • The biggest controversy Sunil Grover faced was an alleged mid-air altercation and fallout with his co-star Kapil Sharma in 2017, leading to his exit from Kapil’s comedy show.


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