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Dhruv Rathee Biography: Dhruv Rathee is a well-known Indian YouTuber and content creator who has made a name for himself by creating videos that offer satirical commentary and analyses on news events in India. Born on 08 October 1994 in Rohtak, Haryana, India, Rathee completed his engineering degree from Germany before entering the world of online content creation.

Rathee launched his YouTube channel in 2017 and began posting videos that, are sarcastic to contemporary news stories, political debates, and current affairs. Ranging from explanatory videos breaking down complex topics to contemporary, his unique style struck a chord with young liberal-leaning audiences. His subscriber base grew exponentially over the years.

However, as Rathee’s popularity rose, he inevitably faced controversy regarding the perceived bias in his content. Some viewers blame his videos for having an overtly pro-AAP and anti-BJP political stance. This criticism extends to accusations of being selective or misleading in presenting news analysis to support his leftist perspective. So, some supporters oppose his impact in making political commentary accessible to Indian youth.

Regardless of these debates around neutrality, Rathee’s impact on Indian YouTube is undeniable. Through a mix of information and entertainment, his content has made complex current affairs engaging for millions of viewers.


Early Life, Family Background, and Education


Dhruv Rathee was born into a middle-class family. His father worked as a businessman and his mother was a homemaker. From an early age, Rathee was noted for his intelligence and ambition by family and friends.

As per accounts, Rathee had a comfortable upbringing that allowed him to pursue his academic interests. Rathee completed his schooling at a CBSE school in Haryana. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

During his time in Germany, Rathee developed a passion for photography and travel, which led him to start his YouTube channel in 2014. Initially, his content focused on travel and photography, but he soon shifted his focus to socio-political issues and fact-based explanations of current events.

Rathee’s family background and education have played a significant role in shaping his worldview and approach to content creation. His parents’ emphasis on education and intellectual curiosity instilled in him a desire to seek truth and knowledge, while his engineering background provided him with the analytical tools to dissect complex issues.

Overall, Dhruv Rathee’s family upbringing and elite education Credentials in India and Germany provided him with the knowledge base from which to develop his unique style of news commentary. His academic grounding remains a key tool of why many see him as an authoritative, credible voice on Indian current affairs online today.


Quick Information


Real Name:                 Dhruv Rathee

Date of Birth:              8 October 1994

Age:                            29 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:                 Rohtak, Haryana, India

Height:                        6 feet. inches / 185 cm

Weight:                        78 Kg. / 172 Lbs.

Nationality:                 Indian

Religion:                     Hinduism

Caste:                          Jatt

Zodiac Sign:               Libra

Marital Status:            Married

Wife/Spouse:              Juli Lbr (Married in 2021 in Vienna)




  • Father – N/A
  • Mother – N/A

Home Town:               Rohtak, Haryana, India

Current Address:         Berlin, Germany

School:                        A CBSE School of Haryana, India

College/University:     Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Academic Qualification:

  • Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering

Profession:                  Engineer, YouTuber, Social Media Activist

Political Party:            N/A

Hobbies:                      Reading, Scuba diving, Photography, Traveling

Net Worth:                  $6 million

Contact Number:        N/A

Social Contacts:


Rise to Fame on YouTube


After completing his education in Germany, Dhruv Rathee worked abroad briefly in the technology sector. However, feeling disconnected from events back home in India, Rathee began voraciously consuming online commentary about Indian current affairs and news. Disappointed with much of the narrative-driven commentary he came across on YouTube, he saw an opportunity to provide more objectivity.

Thus, in early 2017, Rathee launched his own YouTube channel to provide commentary rooted in facts, data, and rational objectivity. His early videos focused on topics like demonetization analyses and investigating claims made by politicians across party lines. Staying away from overt partisanship, Rathee gained initial traction offering context and objectivity lacking in India’s online discourse.

However, his subscriber base truly skyrocketed in late 2017 when Rathee began experimenting with a more humorous, satirical style of commentary while retaining his underlying emphasis on facts. His sarcastic take on issues like elections, media biases, and policy debates resonated hugely with young liberal-leaning audiences. This more entertainment-focused yet analytical style established Rathee’s mass appeal. While he faced allegations of bias, supporters praised his unique combination of humor, bitingly sarcasm toward leaders, and explanatory breakdowns of complex issues affecting India.

Today, Rathee stands as one of India’s most recognizable political influencers with over amazing subscribers. His meteoric fame through a data-driven sarcastic style made him a cultural icon of sorts for liberal Indian youth who turn to him for accessible, humorous insights on current affairs. Though not without critics, Rathee’s impact on the creator ecosystem stands undeniable today.


Controversies and Allegations


Dhruv Rathee’s distinctive style of political commentary has made him immensely popular among Indian youth. However, his outspoken critiques have also confused him in numerous controversies over the years. He faces persistent allegations of bias favoring left-wing perspectives and unevenly criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP.

Analyzing Rathee’s vast video catalog lends some credibility to claims that he ignores inconvenient facts that contradict his narratives. He has published dozens of videos questioning BJP leaders while maintaining a softer stance towards AAP. Critics thus allege he selectively presents information to advance an anti-BJP agenda.

Most recently, his video sparked intense backlash for insinuating that PM Modi poses a threat to Indian democracy. By highlighting BJP’s successive electoral wins, Rathee hinted at democracy weakening under extended single-party governance. This outraged supporters who saw it as Rathee diminishing Indian voters’ agency and constitutional checks that ensure democratic stability.

BJP leaders accused Rathee of deliberately distorting facts to further his allegedly motivated anti-Modi rhetoric. They demanded legal action over such “fake, incendiary” statements regarding the health of Indian democracy. Rathee defended his remarks as highlighting hypothetical future risks rather than a current breakdown of democracy.

However, this episode reinforced allegations of Rathee allowing ideological partisanship to override facts and objectivity. Such selective fact-checking and commentary stand contrary to his image as an impartial explainer of Indian politics to youth. Managing controversies around such a perceived lack of neutrality remains an ongoing challenge amidst Rathee’s meteoric fame.


Accolades and Recognition


Though a controversial figure, Dhruv Rathee’s impact as one of India’s top political influencers with millions of loyal followers is unquestionable. His success has mirrored into recognition through honors over the years.

In 2018, Rathee won the “Breakthrough Creator” honor at “VidCon India” for his rapid rise by providing a novel style of news commentary on YouTube. GQ India also nominated him on their 50 Most Influential Young Indians list that same year for initiating political conversations online.

Rathee also made Buzzfeed’s list of the “20 Most Influential Indian YouTubers” in 2019, with the publication noting his appealing ability to make complex current issues accessible via witty explainers.

Most recently in 2022, he ranked #2 in the “Most Watched News and Politics Creators of India” compiled by “Vidooly”. This underscores his consistency even years later among India’s top political voices dominating discourse for young digital natives.

Though niche, such recognition from leading publications affirms Dhruv Rathee’s cultural relevance in an internet-powered generation.


Personal Life and Relationships


Dhruv Rathee remains fairly guarded about his personal life beyond his professional life as a popular YouTube creator. However, some basic details are known. Rathee got married in 2021 in Vienna to Juli Lbr. Rathee met her at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

Born in Rohtak, Haryana, Rathee grew up in a middle-class household with his businessman father and homemaker mother. Though he moved abroad for education and work early on, Rathee has mentioned his parents support his content creation career today even while occasionally highlighting any perceived biases in his commentary.

Currently based primarily in Germany, Rathee visits India from time to time for projects while keeping in touch with parents at home. In discussing relationships, he shares that most friends today are those made after fame, as past friends distanced themselves over disagreement with his opinions. His inner circle now comprises primarily of like-minded creator colleagues.

Overall, Rathee focuses largely on his public career spotlighting political issues rather than opening up much about his Germany-based married life with his wife Juli Lbr or family relationships back home. Though he faces controversies, Rathee has succeeded in keeping some separation between his personal and professional spheres.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Where is Dhruv Rathee from originally?


  • Dhruv Rathee was born in Rohtak, Haryana, India on 8 October 1994. So, he hails originally from Haryana, though currently he lives in Germany.


  1. What did Dhruv Rathee study and where?
  • Rathee completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering, from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.


  1. How many subscribers does Dhruv Rathee have on YouTube?
  • As one of India’s most popular YouTuber creators, Rathee has over 15 million YouTube subscribers currently and still growing daily.


  1. Why is Dhruv Rathee controversial and what are some allegations against him?
  • Rathee has faced controversies over allegedly having an anti-BJP bias in his videos. Critics say his political commentary focuses disproportionately on the ruling party and ignores the shortcomings of the opposition. He also faces accusations of sometimes presenting inaccurate data to advance his ideological viewpoints and arguments.


  1. Is Dhruv Rathee married?
  • Yes, Dhruv Rathee got married in 2021 in Vienna to Juli Lbr. Rathee met her at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.


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