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Fukra Insaan Biography: Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukra Insaan, has become a popular YouTube content creator, entertaining millions of viewers with his unique style and relatable content. His humor and ability to connect with his audience have made him a prominent figure in the online entertainment industry.

Recently, Fukra Insaan gained even more recognition by participating in the second season of Bigg Boss OTT. This reality show provided him with a platform to showcase his personality and reach a wider audience, further increasing his popularity.

Fukra Insaan’s journey began on YouTube, where he started creating and sharing videos that resonated with people. His content revolves around humorous storytelling and relatable experiences, which have helped him establish a strong connection with his fans.

As Fukra Insaan continues to create entertaining content on YouTube, his fanbase continues to grow. His success story inspires aspiring content creators, highlighting the potential of online platforms to launch talented individuals into the spotlight.

Abhishek Malhan, known by his popular alias Fukra Insaan, has successfully made a name for himself in the world of online entertainment. With his engaging content and charismatic personality, he has left a lasting impact on viewers and solidified his place as a beloved figure in the industry.


Early Life and YouTube Journey


Fukra Insaan, whose real name is Abhishek Malhan, was born on May 24, 1997, in  Pritampura, Delhi. From a young age, Abhishek had a talent for making people laugh and entertaining those around him. His friends and family were always amused by his wit and humor, which often left them in splits. Little did Abhishek know that this talent would later become his ticket to fame and success.

In his early twenties, Abhishek stumbled upon the world of YouTube and was instantly captivated by its possibilities. He realized that he could use the platform to share his humor and entertain a wider audience. With an eagerness to make people laugh, he created his YouTube channel under the name “Fukra Insaan.” The term “Fukra” is a Hindi slang word loosely translated to “a carefree and fun-loving person,” which perfectly describes Abhishek’s personality.

Fukra Insaan’s early YouTube videos showcased his comedic talent and ability to connect with his audience personally. He would often share funny anecdotes from his own life, offering a glimpse into the everyday struggles and experiences of a typical Indian youth. This relatability struck a chord with viewers, who found comfort and laughter in his content. Fukra Insaan’s popularity grew steadily as more and more people discovered his channel and shared his videos with their friends.


Quick Information


Real Name:           Abhishek Malhan

Nick Name:            Fukra Insaan

Date of Birth:         May 24, 1997

Age:                       26 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:            Pritampura, Delhi

Height:                   6 ft. 2 inch / 187 cm.

Weight:                  72 Kg. / 158 Lbs.

Nationality:            Indian

Religion:                Hindu

Zodiac sign            Gemini

Marital Status:       Unmarried

Spouse:                  N/A



  • Father – Vinay Malhan (Businessman)
  • Mother – Dimple Malhan (Youtuber)

Home Town:    Pritampura, Delhi

Academic Qualification: B. Com.

Profession:             Youtuber, Musician

Hobbies:                Travelling, Music

Net Worth:             N/A

Contact Number:   N/A

Social Contacts:


Rise to Fame on YouTube

Fukra Insaan Biography

As Fukra Insaan continued to create content on YouTube, his popularity began to soar. His videos were widely shared on social media platforms, and his subscriber count started skyrocketing. What set Fukra Insaan apart from other YouTubers was his ability to create content that resonated with his viewers. He had a remarkable talent for transforming everyday situations into hilarious moments, making mundane experiences into entertainment.

One of Fukra Insaan’s most popular series on YouTube is “Desi Pranks,” where he pulls off light-hearted pranks on unsuspecting people. These pranks are often centered around relatable situations, such as fooling a friend or family member. Fukra Insaan’s witty humor and clever execution of these pranks made them immensely popular among his audience. Each prank video garnered millions of views, further solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the YouTube community.

Fukra Insaan’s success on YouTube can also be attributed to his ability to adapt to his audience’s ever-changing trends and preferences. He consistently experimented with different formats and genres, ensuring that his content remained fresh and engaging. Whether it was reaction videos, comedy sketches, or vlogs, Fukra Insaan always managed to keep his viewers hooked, eagerly awaiting his next upload.


Participation in Big Boss OTT Season 2


In 2022, Fukra Insaan received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Bigg Boss, one of India’s most popular reality TV shows, brings together a diverse group of contestants who live together in a house monitored by cameras 24/7. The show tests their patience, mental strength, and ability to navigate the challenges.

For Fukra Insaan, participating in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 was a significant milestone in his career. It not only provided him with a platform to reach a wider audience but also showcased his personality and talent to millions of viewers across the country. His witty one-liners and humorous antics inside the Bigg Boss house made him an instant favorite among the viewers. Week after week, Fukra Insaan managed to entertain the audience with his quick comebacks and hilarious conversations with fellow contestants.

Beyond the entertainment factor, Fukra Insaan also displayed his resilience and strength during his time in the Bigg Boss house. He faced various challenges and overcame obstacles with a positive attitude, winning the admiration and support of his fans. Although he didn’t emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, Fukra Insaan’s journey on the show undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both his career and his fans.


Popularity and Collaborations


With his rising popularity on YouTube and his stint on Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, Fukra Insaan’s fanbase expanded exponentially. He gained millions of followers across various social media platforms, who eagerly awaited his every upload. Fukra Insaan’s charm and relatability continue to attract new viewers, and his loyal fanbase continues to grow.

As an established YouTuber, Fukra Insaan has also collaborated with other content creators, both within and outside the YouTube community. These collaborations range from comedy sketches and music videos to live events and podcasts. By joining forces with other popular YouTubers and influencers, Fukra Insaan has been able to introduce his unique brand of humor to an even wider audience.

Furthermore, Fukra Insaan’s popularity has caught the attention of various brands and companies, leading to brand collaborations and endorsements. He has worked with renowned companies to create sponsored content that seamlessly integrates with his style and resonates with his audience. Fukra Insaan’s ability to maintain authenticity while partnering with brands has contributed to his credibility as an influencer.


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