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Elvish Yadav Biography: Elvish Yadav, also known as Elvish Rao Sahab, emerged as a comedic prodigy from the vibrant city of Gurgaon, Haryana. Born on September 14, 1997, Elvish embarked on an entertaining journey that led him to become a beloved Indian YouTuber, captivating the hearts of millions with his side-splitting humor and distinctive Desi Haryanvi accent. This blog post delves deep into Elvish Yadav’s life, exploring his early years, rise to YouTube fame, personal life, philanthropic endeavors, notable achievements, and the significant impact he has made on the digital entertainment realm.


Early Life and Education


Elvish Yadav’s captivating journey began in the lively city of Gurgaon, where he was raised by his parents, Ram Avtar Singh Yadav, a dedicated teacher, and Sushma Yadav, a caring homemaker. Growing up alongside his elder sister, Komal Yadav, Elvish exhibited an innate talent for witty humor, bringing laughter to family and friends during his school days at Amity International School, Gurgaon.

After completing his schooling with flying colors, Elvish Yadav’s insatiable curiosity and zest for knowledge led him to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Delhi’s prestigious Hansraj College. Though committed to his studies, Elvish’s passion for entertainment and comedy continued to burn brightly within him.


Quick Information


Real Name:           Elvish Yadav

Other Name:          Elvish Rao Sahab

Date of Birth:         14 September 1997

Age:                       26 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:            Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Height:                   5 ft. 11 inch / 180 cm.

Weight:                  70 Kg. /154 Lbs.

Nationality:            Indian

Religion:                Hindu

Zodiac sign            Virgo

Marital Status:       Unmarried

Spouse:                  N/A



  • Father- Ram Avtar Singh Yadav (Lecturer)
  • Mother- Sushma Yadav (Homemaker)

Home Town:          Gurgaon, Haryana, India

School:                  Amity International School, Gurgaon

College/University:          Hansraj College, Delhi

Academic Qualification: Bachelor of Commerce


  • YouTuber

Elvish Yadav Biography

  • Singer


  • Content Creator

Food Habit:           Vegetarian

Hobbies:                Watching Movies

Net Worth:             Rs 50 crores (as of 2023)

Contact Number:             N/A

Social Contacts:


The YouTube Sensation


In 2016, fueled by his zeal for comedy and storytelling, Elvish Yadav made a life-changing decision to venture into the world of YouTube. With boundless creativity and a distinct Desi Haryanvi accent, he introduced his YouTube channel to the world, captivating audiences with his hilarious videos. His unique ability to add entertainment to everyday situations resonated with viewers from diverse backgrounds, rapidly catapulting him to stardom.

Elvish’s early videos showcased his comedic prowess as he ingeniously portrayed relatable characters and situations with a Haryanvi flair. As the subscriptions to his channel surged, so did the admiration of his growing fan base, crossing the coveted one million subscribers mark by February 2018.


Rise to Fame and Notable Achievements


Elvish Yadav’s meteoric rise to fame continued, and by 2023, his YouTube channel boasted an astounding 10 million subscribers, firmly establishing him as one of India’s top YouTubers. Accompanying this feat, he proudly adorned both the silver and gold play buttons, a testament to his exceptional achievements in the digital realm. His distinct humor and authentic connection with viewers not only garnered numerous accolades but also secured a special place in the hearts of his dedicated followers.

In addition to his YouTube triumphs, Elvish Yadav embarked on an adventurous exploration of the music industry. Making his singing debut with the Haryanvi song “Apna Gaav” in 2020, he showcased his versatility as a performer, garnering praise from fans and critics alike. His melodic ventures further reinforced his position as a multi-talented entertainer with an unwavering commitment to his craft.


Digital Star to Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Winner


In a remarkable journey that showcased his vibrant personality and infectious humor, Elvish Yadav, renowned for his digital presence, emerged as the victorious champion of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 in 2023. Transitioning seamlessly from online fame to the television realm, Elvish’s dynamic debut as a wildcard contestant captivated audiences across the nation. His witty camaraderie with fellow contestants and strategic gameplay endeared him to viewers, ultimately leading to his triumphant victory. This achievement not only marks Elvish’s success but also highlights the evolving landscape of entertainment, where boundary-breaking talents like him shine on diverse platforms.


Personal Life and Relationships



While Elvish Yadav’s professional endeavors were a subject of immense interest, he held his personal life with a sense of privacy. Amidst swirling speculations, the charismatic YouTuber’s alleged relationship with fellow content creator and social media influencer, Kirti Mehra, made headlines. Despite frequently appearing together in videos and vlogs, Elvish chose to maintain a shroud of mystery around their connection, keeping fans intrigued about his romantic status.


Philanthropic Initiatives


Beyond the realm of entertainment, Elvish Yadav demonstrated profound compassion through his philanthropic work. The inception of the “Elvish Yadav Foundation,” a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to underprivileged children and distributing free meals to the needy, showcased his commitment to creating a positive impact in society. His benevolent efforts earned admiration from admirers and exemplified the power of kindness and empathy.


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