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Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh Biography: Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh is a significant figure in Nepalese politics, earning widespread respect for his commitment to public service. Born on September 5, 1970, in Balara-4, Sarlahi, Nepal, he comes from a middle-class family.

Early in life, Dr. Singh recognized the importance of education and social service. Taking his studies seriously, he achieved a Ph.D. in “International Relations and Affairs” from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. He ventured into politics while still a student, consistently addressing issues and concerns. Actively engaging in politics since 2008, he represented the Nepali Congress, marking the start of his political journey.

Exploring Dr. Singh’s life reveals his passion for aiding marginalized communities, advocating for good governance, and fostering international relations. His influence extends far beyond Nepal, establishing him as a notable figure in the political landscape.


Early Life and Education


Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh was born and raised in Balara-4, Sarlahi, Nepal, in a middle-class family. In his youth, he held a keen interest in politics and social matters.

Upon completing school in Sarlahi, Dr. Singh moved to Kathmandu at Tribhuvan University. His fascination with how governments function and the relationships between countries deepened during this period. Motivated by his thirst for knowledge, he later achieved a Ph.D. in “International Relations and Affairs” from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.

In his formative years in school and college, he laid a robust foundation for a political career. Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh’s early life and education molded him into an individual who not only comprehended the intricacies of governance but was also prepared to address real-world challenges.


Quick Information


Real Name:            Amresh Kumar Singh

Date of Birth:         5 September 1970

Age:                        53 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:            Balara-4, Sarlahi, Nepal

Height:                   N/A

Weight:                  N/A

Nationality:            Nepali

Religion:                Hindu

Caste:                     N/A

Marital Status:       Married

Husband/Spouse:   Kumari Laxmi Joshi

amresh-kumar singh-with-wife

Children:              Two


  • Father- Ram Sagar Singh
  • Mother- Chandrama Devi Singh

Home Town:          Balara Municipality-4, Sarlahi Dist., Nepal

School:                  N/A


Academic Qualification:

  • Ph.D. in “International Relations & Affairs”

Profession:             Politician

Previous Political Affiliation:    Nepali Congress (2008-2022)

Political Party:       Independent (2022-Present)

Hobbies:                N/A

Net Worth:             NPR 500 Crore (Approx.)

Contact Number:   N/A

Social Contacts:


Political Journey


Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh entered politics during his university days, actively participating in student politics. Demonstrating a talent for connecting with people, understanding their issues, and proposing practical solutions, his early involvement laid the foundation for an impressive political journey.

In 2002, Dr. Singh took a significant step by officially joining the Nepali Congress. Driven by his commitment to serving the people and addressing their problems, he quickly gained attention. However, delving deeper into politics, he observed flaws in the existing party system, hindering progress and not always prioritizing people’s well-being. This realization prompted Dr. Singh to make a bold move.

Seeking a more effective way to represent the people, he decided to break away from the traditional party structure. This decision marked a turning point in his political career, winning three times as a parliament member. In 2022, he left the Nepali Congress party and became an independent member of parliament, winning by a large margin. This achievement highlighted his popularity and reflected a growing dissatisfaction with conventional political parties.

As an independent representative, Dr. Singh focused on empowering marginalized communities, promoting social justice, and advocating for good governance. His commitment to these causes was evident in his unwavering efforts to bring about positive change.

Throughout his political journey, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh has been a force for change. His ability to navigate the complexities of Nepalese politics while staying true to his principles has earned him respect. His journey showcases dedication to transcending traditional political boundaries for a more inclusive and just society. Dr. Singh’s impact as an independent trailblazer continues to shape Nepal’s political story, inspiring a new generation of leaders committed to serving the people.


Contributions and Political Achievements


Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh vehemently opposes corruption, especially concerning the fake Bhutanese refugee scam and the Ncell company share sale case. In a recent parliamentary address, he expressed serious concern, emphasizing that if those involved in the scam aren’t held accountable, it could severely damage the public’s trust in the current political system.

Determined to ensure transparency and fairness, Dr. Singh worries that without action against those responsible for the financial scandal, it could tarnish the reputation of political parties and the entire system in the eyes of the public.

Recognizing the pivotal role of good governance in a country’s progress, Dr. Singh staunchly supports transparent and accountable practices. He has spoken out against corruption, advocated for institutional changes, and worked towards a more responsible government. His dedication to good governance has enhanced public trust in the political process.

With a profound understanding of international relations, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh has played a crucial role in bolstering Nepal’s global presence. Engaging with diplomats from other countries, participating in international meetings, and ensuring the representation of Nepal’s interests, his efforts have attracted foreign investments and fostered close collaborations with other nations.

Dr. Singh consistently prioritizes social welfare. His initiatives focus on programs that provide improved healthcare, education, and job opportunities for those in need. His commitment to making a positive impact on society is evident in all his endeavors.

In summary, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh’s contributions and achievements underscore his unwavering commitment to making Nepal a better place for everyone. His impactful work has left an indelible mark on Nepalese politics, paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.


Diplomacy and International Relations


Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh, not only a politician but also a global player, has played a crucial role in strengthening Nepal’s international relations. Leveraging his understanding of how countries interact, he has become a key representative for Nepal on the global stage.

Dr. Singh actively engages in discussions with leaders from other countries, facilitating Nepal’s connections with the world. His participation in global conferences not only reflects Nepal’s perspectives but also enhances its presence on the international platform.

A significant achievement for Dr. Singh has been attracting investments from other countries. Through strategic talks and negotiations, he has created opportunities for Nepal to collaborate with other nations, bringing in financial support that contributes to Nepal’s economic growth.

His efforts have not only expanded Nepal’s global friendships but have also fostered collaborations with other countries for mutual economic benefits. Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh’s initiatives showcase Nepal as a formidable player on the world stage, establishing friendships and partnerships that positively impact the country.


Controversies and Allegations


Some political opponents claim that Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh used to work in favor of India. Certain media outlets even assert that he was an agent of the Indian government. This belief stems from his influential role in convincing seven political leaders, including Maoist leader Prachanda, on November 22, 2005, while conducting Ph.D. research at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Subsequently, he became a focal person for India, working in its favor despite being an elected parliament member of Nepal. However, these allegations have not been proven.

In addition, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh has faced inquiries about his finances. There are varying opinions on his net worth, and discussions about how transparent his political career is have emerged.

It’s crucial to recognize that controversies and claims are commonplace in politics, and Dr. Singh’s experiences are not uncommon. Politicians often contend with criticism and accusations as they strive to bring about positive changes in society.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh remains committed to serving the public and improving conditions for the people. While controversies may pose temporary issues, his determination and dedication to his political principles continue to shape his role in Nepalese politics.


Personal Life and Relationships


Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh was born into a typical middle-class family in Madesh Pradesh, emphasizing education and assisting others. He is married to Kumari Laxmi Joshi, and together they have two children.

His values are shaped by his father, Ram Sagar Singh, and his mother, Chandrama Devi Singh. His hometown is Balara Municipality-4, Sarlahi Dist., Nepal, keeping him rooted in his origins.

Despite his active political life, Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh remains connected to the public through Facebook.


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