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Ram Kumari Jhakri Biography: Ram Kumari Jhakri, a well-known Nepalese politician, has had a significant impact on Nepal’s politics. She was born on May 23, 1970, in the beautiful village of Myalpokhari in Gulmi, Nepal. Even though her family wasn’t actively involved in politics, they cared about the differences between rich and poor people in their area.

When she was young, Jhakri was a top student in school, and she liked taking part in things like quiz contests and speeches.

But what set her on her path was her strong belief in making Nepal a fairer place. She started to follow the ideas of communism and Marxism, which are about fairness and equality. She joined a group of students connected to the Communist Party of Nepal (UML).

When she moved to Kathmandu, she got even more involved in politics. She fought for things like cheaper transportation for students and against unfair things happening at Nepal’s borders.

Ram Kumari Jhakri’s life is a story of working hard for social justice, especially for women and students, and for making Nepal better.


Early Life, Family Background, and Education


Ram Kumari Jhakri was born in a small village called Myalpokhari in Nepal on May 23, 1970. Her family was just like many others in Nepal, not very rich. They were part of a group that wasn’t treated equally. Even though her family didn’t do much in politics, they understood that some people had more while others had less.

Ram Kumari went to the village school, and she was good at her studies. She always came first in her class until she finished the 10th grade. She also liked doing things like quizzes and speaking contests in school.

When she grew up a bit, she moved to Kathmandu to study at the big university, Tribhuvan University. She got a Master’s Degree in Political Sciences from there.

Her time in Kathmandu was special because she got interested in some big ideas. She started believing in something called communism and Marxism, which are all about making sure that things are fair and everyone is treated equally.

One of her teachers talked about these ideas, and she liked them a lot. These ideas became very important in her life and what she stood for.

Even when she was in school, she became an active student who stood up for the rights of students and people who didn’t have much. She even helped students get discounts on buses, so it was cheaper for them to travel. She also protested against unfair things happening at Nepal’s borders and against the rising prices of fuel.

Ram Kumari Jhakri’s journey from her small village to becoming a powerful political figure shows how much she believed in making Nepal a better and fairer place.


Quick Information


Name:                         Ram Kumari Jhakri

Date of Birth:              23 May 1978

Age:                             45 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:                 Myalpokhari, Gulmi

Height:                        5 ft. /152 cm.

Weight:                        N/A

Nationality:                 Nepali

Religion:                     Hindu

Marital Status:            Married

Husband/Spouse:        Pashupati Puri




  • Father – Ratna Bahadur Jhakri
  • Mother – N/A

Children:                     Aarav Puri (Son)

Home Town:               Myalpokhari, Gulmi

Permanent Address: Kathmandu Metropolitan City 31, Nepal

School:                        Local Public School, Myalpokhari, Gulmi

College/University:     Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu


Academic Qualification:      Post Graduate (Political Science)

Profession:                           Politician

Political Party:                     CPN (Unified Socialist)

Other Political Affiliation:   CPN (UML)

Hobbies:                               N/A

Net Worth:                           $5 million

Contact Number:                 N/A

Social Contacts:


Upbringing and Entry into Politics


Ram Kumari Jhakri had a simple upbringing in a small village. Her family understood that life wasn’t always fair, and this left a big impression on her. Even though her family didn’t do much in politics, they believed in fairness and treating everyone equally.

When she got a bit older, she moved to Kathmandu for college. This city was buzzing with political activity, and she got involved. She believed in ideas like communism and Marxism, which are about making sure things are fair and everyone is treated the same.

While in college, she achieved something important. She fought for students to get a discount on buses, making it cheaper for them to travel. She also protested against unfair things happening at Nepal’s borders and the rising fuel prices.

In 2008, she made history by becoming the first woman to be elected as the President of the All-Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU). This was a big deal and showed her commitment to students’ rights and fairness.

Her journey into politics started with a strong belief in making Nepal a better place for everyone. Her early experiences and dedication to students and people who didn’t have much helped her become a powerful advocate for change in Nepal.


Personal Life and Relationships


Ram Kumari Jhakri, the Nepalese politician, is not only dedicated to her political work but also to her family. She comes from a regular Nepali family and has managed to keep her family life strong.

She is married to Pashupati Puri, who works for the government. They got married in 2014 and have a son named Aarav. This shows that she cares about her family just as much as she cares about her work.

As a mom, she continues to work for what she believes in – making Nepal fair and equal for everyone. She teaches her family the same values she fights for in her job.

In addition to her family, she has many important friends in the political world. She is a member of the Communist Party of Nepal and has a big role in the party. She also looks after the party’s activities in Europe for the Nepali people living there.

But sometimes gets into trouble because she speaks her mind and criticizes other politicians. People have different opinions about her because of this.

Ram Kumari Jhakri’s personal life and relationships show that she is a strong and dedicated person, both in her family and in her fight for fairness and equality in Nepal.


Political Achievements and Controversies


Ram Kumari Jhakri’s political life is full of significant achievements and some things that made people talk.

One big achievement was becoming the first woman to be the President of the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) in 2008. This was very important because it showed that she was a good leader and cared about students’ rights. She even got a discount on buses for students, so it was cheaper for them to travel.

She’s also been part of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and had an important role. She helped the party’s activities in Europe for Nepali people living there. This made her a respected leader.

But sometimes, she says things that make people upset. She’s not afraid to criticize big politicians, like the Prime Minister and the President. This has made her a bit of a controversial figure. Her strong words and her fights for what she believes in have sometimes led to disagreements and conflicts.

Ram Kumari Jhakri’s political journey has been about fighting for students’ rights and fairness. But her outspoken ways and criticisms have made her a person who some people support and others don’t. Her political career continues to be a topic of discussion in Nepal.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Who is Ram Kumari Jhakri?
  • Ram Kumari Jhakri is a Nepalese politician known for her active role in the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and her advocacy for social justice and equality in Nepal.


  1. What are some of Ram Kumari Jhakri’s notable achievements?
  • She made history by becoming the first woman to lead the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) in 2008. Jhakri has also been involved in the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and has played an essential role in the party’s activities, including in Europe.


  1. What is the significance of her role in student activism?
  • Jhakri’s role in securing a 50% discount on public transportation for students in Nepal is a notable achievement, highlighting her dedication to student rights and social justice.


  1. Why is Ram Kumari Jhakri a controversial figure in Nepalese politics?
  • She is known for her outspoken criticism of prominent political figures, including Prime Minister KP Oli and President Bidhya Devi Bhandari. This has made her a polarizing figure in Nepal’s political landscape.


  1. What is the lasting impact of Ram Kumari Jhakri’s political career?
  • Ram Kumari Jhakri continues to be an influential and compelling figure in Nepalese politics, dedicated to fighting for fairness and a more equitable society. Her journey from a modest background to political prominence serves as an inspiration to many.


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