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Durga Prasai Biography: Meet Durga Prasai, a well-known name in Nepal for his business smarts and community impact. He’s not just a business guy; he’s the owner of B & C Medical College and Hospital, and he’s got his hands in politics too with the CPN UML party.

Born into a rich family, Durga Prasai caught people’s attention early on. His family had money, and they were connected to big politics. In 2012, he started B & C Medical College and Hospital. This wasn’t just a business move; it was about giving top-notch healthcare to the people.

Durga Prasai isn’t your typical CEO. He didn’t go after higher degrees, but he’s all about making his hospital a success. Mixing business with politics brought him some trouble, though. Controversies popped up around him, shaping how people see this influential guy.

So, Durga Prasai’s story isn’t just about business deals. It’s about a person who’s juggling business, politics, and healthcare in Nepal, making a mark in a way that’s hard to ignore.


Early Life, Family Background, and Education


Let’s go back to where it all started for Durga Prasai. Born in Nepal, he grew up in a family that wasn’t just well-off; they were big players in business. His parents, Krishna Prasad Prasai and Kaushila Prasai added to the family’s importance, not just in money but also in politics.

Durga Prasai’s birthplace was Terhatum, and from the beginning, he was part of a world where business and politics mixed. But when it came to school, things took a different turn. He finished school at the 8th standard, not because he wanted to, but because of some problems he had with his teachers. His behavior got him into trouble, and he even had an arrest warrant.

Even though he didn’t follow the usual school path, Durga Prasai didn’t let that stop him. His natural talent for business and his determination showed up early, setting the stage for his journey in the business and healthcare world.

This part of Durga Prasai’s life is like a puzzle with family, school troubles, and his own choices all mixed in. It’s a unique story that goes beyond what you might expect, showing how Durga Prasai made his way into the business scene in Nepal.


Quick Information


Name:                    Durga Prasai

Full Name:             Durga Prasad Prasai

Date of Birth:         05-05-1971 AD / 22-01-2028 B.S.

Age:                       52 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:            Terhatum District. Mechi Zone, Nepal

Height:                   5 Feet 6 Inches/ 152 cm.

Weight:                  65 Kg. /143 Lbs.

Nationality:             Nepalese

Religion:                Hindu

Caste:                     Bramin

Marital Status:       Married

Husband/Spouse:   Uma Giri


  • Son- Nirajan Prasai
  • Daughter- Chanda Maya Prasai


  • Father – Krishna Prasad Prasai
  • Mother – Kaushila Prasai

Home Town:          Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal

School:                   N/A

College/University: N/A

Academic Qualification: Class 8

Profession:             Entrepreneur / Social Activist

Previous Political Affiliation:

  • Nepali Congress
  • CPN Maoist

Hobbies:                N/A

Net Worth:             NPR 5,000 Crore

Contact Number:   N/A

Social Contacts:


Upbringing and Entrepreneurial Journey

Durga Prasai

Durga Prasai’s journey to success started at home. Growing up in a family with money and business know-how, he learned the ropes of commerce early on. His parents, Krishna Prasad Prasai and Kaushila Prasai, not only gave him financial stability but also taught him values that stuck with him.

In 2012, Durga Prasai took a big step and opened B & C Medical College and Hospital. It wasn’t just about business; he wanted to give top-notch healthcare to people. Even though he didn’t go to college, his hands-on approach turned his hospital into a big deal in Eastern Nepal.

But his success wasn’t all smooth sailing. People talked about his political connections and questioned his medical progress, leading to controversies and even an arrest warrant in 2020. Despite all this, Durga Prasai kept going, focusing on working with others and promoting good medicine.

Durga Prasai’s story is one of facing challenges, from his early days to dealing with the twists of business and politics. His determination to make a difference in healthcare in Nepal shows he’s not your typical businessman, leaving his mark in a big way.


Personal Life and Relationships

Durga Prasain

Durga Prasai isn’t just about business; there’s a personal side to him too. He’s married to Uma Giri and has two kids, Nirajan Prasai and Chanda Maya Prasai. Born in Terhatum on January 22, 2028, B.S., he’s 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing 65 kg. He follows Hinduism and belongs to the Brahmin caste.

His parents, Krishna Prasad Prasai and Kaushila Prasai come from Birtamod, Jhapa, Nepal. That’s his permanent address. Even though his work life has been full of controversies, his personal life is all about family.

Durga Prasai’s commitment isn’t just to his business or political ties; it’s also about building a happy family life. So, when you think of Durga Prasai, it’s not just about the business deals and political connections – there’s a family man behind it all.


Political Thought and Social Service

Durga Prasai with Politicians

Durga Prasai isn’t just into business; he’s also into politics and making a difference in society. He’s part of the CPN UML, the big political party in Nepal. This political involvement isn’t just on paper – it’s backed by real actions, especially in social service.

In 2012, he started B & C Medical College and Hospital. It wasn’t just a business move; he wanted to help people get good healthcare. By creating the first acute tertiary care hospital in Eastern Nepal, he aimed to fill gaps in healthcare and give top-notch medical services to everyone.

Sure, his ties with politics caused some talk and raised questions about how business and politics mix for him. But through it all, Durga Prasai sticks to his commitment to social service. His efforts go beyond just his hospital, showing a bigger picture of making society better.

In the complex world of business, politics, and community service, Durga Prasai stands out as someone trying to make a positive impact on many fronts. It’s not just about personal success; it’s about making life better for the people of Nepal.


Controversies Surrounding Durga Prasai


Durga Prasai’s business journey in Nepal hasn’t been all smooth sailing. He found himself in hot water due to controversies that added twists to his professional story. One significant issue revolved around accusations that he used political connections to boost his medical projects. People questioned if his medical success was legit, stirring up a debate about mixing business with politics.

The trouble peaked in 2020 when an arrest warrant was issued against him. This happened because he hosted a former prime minister for his medical institution’s launch, sparking accusations of political meddling in healthcare. Suddenly, Durga Prasai and his business-politics combo were under intense scrutiny.

On top of that, he faced criticism for comments he made about Nepali medical students in Bangladesh. This led to him filing a charge defending his words at the National Human Rights Commission. Despite his accomplishments in healthcare, these controversies highlight the tricky path Durga Prasai treads, juggling business, politics, and public opinions in the spotlight of Nepal’s business and political scenes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is Durga Prasai?

Durga Prasai is a well-known Nepalese business figure and the Owner of B & C Medical College and Hospital. He is also a member of the CPN UML, Nepal’s largest political party.


What controversies surround Durga Prasai’s business ventures?

Durga Prasai faced controversies related to his alleged use of political connections for the progress of his medical projects, leading to discussions about the intersection of business and politics.


Why was an arrest warrant issued against Durga Prasai in 2020?

An arrest warrant was issued due to his involvement in hosting a former prime minister for the launch of his medical institution, raising concerns about political influence in the healthcare sector.


What is Durga Prasai’s contribution to healthcare in Nepal?

Durga Prasai founded B & C Medical College and Hospital in 2012, aiming to provide high-quality healthcare and establishing the first acute tertiary care hospital in Eastern Nepal.


How does Durga Prasai balance business, politics, and social service?

Durga Prasai navigates the complexities of business and politics while maintaining a commitment to social service, extending beyond his medical institution to contribute to societal betterment in Nepal.


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