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Adil Khan Durrani Biography: In the sprawling realm of Indian commerce and entertainment, Adil Khan Durrani emerges as a figure of fascination, with his enterprises, connections, and controversies sparking collective intrigue. This comprehensive narrative delves into the assorted facets of Adil Khan Durrani’s life, unveiling his business ventures, personal liaisons, and the challenges he has confronted along the way.


Early Life and Education


Born on 15th Dec. 1996 Adil Khan Durrani’s childhood commenced in Mysore, Karnataka and his formative years witnessed his attendance at Marimallappa’s High School, forming the bedrock for his scholarly pursuits. Graduating from Vidhyaashram First Grade College, Mysore, with a Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) degree, Durrani honed his abilities and acquired the expertise to establish the groundwork for his entrepreneurial ambitions.


Quick Information


Real Name:        Adil Khan Durrani

Date of Birth:     15 Dec. 1996

Age:                    27 Years (in 2023)

Birth Place:        Mysore, Karnataka

Height:               5 ft. 6 inch /168 cm.

Weight:               70 Kg. / 154 Lbs.

Nationality:        India

Religion:            Islam

Zodiac sign        Sagittarius

Marital Status:   Married

Adil Khan Biography

Husband/Spouse: Rakhi Sawant (Married on 2 July 2022)



  • Father – N/A
  • Mother – Mumtaz Durrani

Home Town:      Mysore, Karnataka

School:               Marimallappa’s High School, Mysore

College/University:   Vidhyaashram First Grade College, Mysore

Academic Qualification:   Bachelor of Business Management

Profession:         Business

Political Party:   Congress

Hobbies:             Horse Riding and Painting.

Net Worth:         INR 5 Crore

Contact Number: N/A

Social Contacts:


Personal Life, Relationship, and Family

Adil Khan Durrani Biography

Embedded within Adil Khan Durrani’s life saga is his familial backdrop. Originating from an Islamic family in Mysore, Durrani’s closest ties encompass his mother, Mumtaz Durrani, and elder sister, Shelly Lather, who is a prominent entrepreneur. Yet, it’s his relationships that have garnered substantial public attention. His union with Rakhi Sawant, a distinguished Indian actress and dancer, was formalized in a judicial ceremony on July 2nd, 2022, followed by a nikah event on May 29, 2022. Nonetheless, the trajectory of their relationship would be marked by trials and tribulations.


Entrepreneurial Ventures: From Wheels to Delights


Adil Khan Durrani’s expedition into the corporate sphere is a narrative of diversification and determination. His participation as a managing director at StreetCars Premium, a pre-owned automobile dealership in Mysuru, Karnataka, showcased his insight into the vehicular market. This foray into the automotive industry was complemented by the inception of an ice cream parlor named DezertLab in Mysuru. Furthermore, the year 2018 bore witness to the commencement of A.D. Think.Feel.Drive., a car business endeavor that epitomized Durrani’s entrepreneurial spirit. These strategic moves showcased his adaptability and willingness to explore assorted avenues.


Controversies Surrounding Adil

controversy-of -adil-rakhi

Amidst the fabric of Adil Khan Durrani’s life, controversies have etched enduring marks. The spotlight shifted towards Durrani due to his association with Rakhi Sawant, culminating in a series of controversies. Sawant lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against Durrani, alleging financial mismanagement and negligence towards her ailing mother. This tumultuous period led to Durrani’s arrest, capturing media attention. Nevertheless, subsequent developments unveiled the intricacies of the situation, underscoring the significance of comprehending the entire narrative before forming judgments.

Another substantial controversy unfurled when an Iranian student accused Durrani of rape, cheating, threats, and blackmail. The gravity of these allegations instigated legal proceedings, exposing another stratum of Durrani’s life. These controversies remind us that the lives of public figures are often scrutinized and emphasize the necessity of a balanced perspective.


Professional Achievements: A Glimpse at Durrani’s Career Trajectory


Adil Khan Durrani’s professional journey is a fusion of accomplishments that mirror his versatile skill set. His role as a managing director at StreetCars Premium illuminated his acumen in the secondhand car domain. The establishment of an ice cream parlor, DezertLab, and the initiation of A.D. Think.Feel.Drive. bore witness to his innovative thinking and entrepreneurial persistence. These endeavors demonstrated Durrani’s capacity to navigate the business realm and carve a distinct niche for himself.


A Peek into Personal Relationships


Durrani’s personal life, interwoven with media scrutiny, has unfolded through various stages. His affiliation with Rakhi Sawant, marked by both highs and lows, epitomized the amalgamation of private and public spheres. The legal union and subsequent nikah function captivated widespread attention. However, the course of their relationship took an unforeseen twist when Sawant proclaimed their separation in February 2023, attributing it to Durrani’s alleged extramarital liaison.

This journey through relationships underscores that the lives of public figures frequently intertwine with public perception. Durrani’s connection with Sawant propelled him into the limelight, underscoring the delicate equilibrium between personal choices and public image.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who is Adil Khan Durrani?

Adil Khan Durrani is an Indian entrepreneur recognized for his diversified business undertakings and his association with Rakhi Sawant.


What are Adil Khan Durrani’s business initiatives?

Adil Khan Durrani has been engaged in pre-owned car trading, with his position as a managing director at StreetCars Premium. He also founded an ice cream parlor named DezertLab and initiated A.D. Think.Feel.Drive.


What controversies has Adil Khan Durrani been embroiled in?

Adil Khan Durrani’s connection with Rakhi Sawant prompted controversies surrounding financial matters and personal relationships. He also confronted accusations of rape and misconduct.


What can we glean from Adil Khan Durrani’s journey?

Adil Khan Durrani’s journey underscores the intricacies of managing personal relationships, business initiatives, and public scrutiny. It underscores the significance of comprehending the comprehensive narrative before forming judgments.


What characterizes Adil Khan Durrani’s career trajectory?

Adil Khan Durrani’s career path is characterized by his roles as a managing director, entrepreneur, and innovator. His ventures within the pre-owned car and culinary sectors showcase his adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit.


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